Management Appraisal

Management Appraisal is an advanced instrument allowing companies to predict future performance of Managers and Executives.

In increasingly competitive situations facing us today, knowing well the leadership team of the Company is vital in ensuring that the right people occupy the key roles.

Our contribution

It is particularly valid in situations of discontinuity such as mergers, restructuring, succession processes and situations where there is high pressure to achieve extraordinary results.

It is also useful in supporting promotions, nominations and in evidencing areas of potential improvement.

Each manager is evaluated on his or her professional results gathered through fact based interviews conducted by two of our senior partners, with important experience in top roles in Multinationals.
Bench-marking within the market constitutes another important element in our approach.

This allows us to understand how individuals are positioned in terms of their capacity to implement company strategy successfully, and to be the best people for the current and future leadership team, in comparison with the economic value attributed to them.

We meet with the manager’s superiors, peers and direct report and occasionally with external referees to complete the picture of the manager.

We suggest a concrete action steps designed to help the manager improve his or her performance.

Through Management Appraisal, the Company is able to identify best performers, high potentials, and people whose performance needs to be improved or roles rethought.

Strategic Initiatives

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