Executive Coaching

Executive Coaching speeds up change in the company and permits those improvements necessary to face the major economic shifts and enhanced competition in today’s environment.

It allows managers to express their true potential as well as unleashing new and efficient solutions to different problems in the company.
Coaching is proactive and encourages learning and the development of new competencies. It is a practical instrument used to improve each manager’s performance.

When is coaching necessary?

For the Company:

  • In situations of start-up, merger or organisational change in general.
  • Succession processes.
  • In situations of crisis, stress and conflict where rapid improvement in performance is necessary.
  • Where the company wishes to improve managerial capability.


For the Executive:

  • Where managers need to strengthen their key competencies for existing and future roles.
  • To develop leadership capability.
  • To enhance productivity in times of high stress.
  • To improve ability to manage, delegate and motivate their staff.
  • To tackle sensitive personal issues that impact productivity in a confidential manner.

The Coach

In Covenant Partners the coach is an expert who has a background of work experience at a high level in top multinational companies.

He or she is able to draw on his or her experience and structured techniques based on a competency model, to evaluate the managers’ expertise and identify areas of improvement. The coach is non judgmental, and does not impose ideas.

His or her task is to act in harmony with managers and thus stimulate their capacity to develop more effective behaviours which will improve their performance.

The coach assists and encourages managers to re-evaluate situations and events and thus to find new and more creative solutions to problems.The coaching process is one of absolute confidentiality and trust, where the coach gives recognition to the manager, motivates, shares success and failures in a climate of complete privacy.

Our approach

The Executive Coaching is conducted through five stages:

To kick off, we organise a series of meetings take place between the CEO, HR director and the managers involved to assess the objectives, the type of approach, the content and methodologies to be used.
We then define clear, concrete and obtainable objectives and outcomes.

Specific competencies to be improved are identified in relation to the current and future role of the manager. A plan is drawn up with a time line of concrete steps and milestones.

A series of action steps are identified with the manager.
Using the competency model, we help the manager to interpret his or her behaviour and discuss action steps needs to effect real change.

The manager puts these into practice and meets again with the coach to discuss the impact of his or her new behaviour and the consequent effects on the organisation.

In each session, we discuss practical examples in the workplace and identify with the manager ways to reinforce the competencies he or she needs to develop as well as the specific action steps to be taken to ensure the development of these competencies.
We help the manager to interpret his or her behaviour, identify areas of improvement and prepare action plans together.
The sessions involve continuous feedback in a climate of openness.

The coach and manager evaluate the results of the coaching session together.
We organise a formal meeting between the coach and the firm to exchange feedback in results and potential future areas of growth.
Naturally, Covenant Partners adheres to the strictest privacy regarding information exchanged during the coaching sessions.

Strategic Initiatives

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