Executive Negotiation

Negotiation is an art which executives use every day in managing and conducting their business, with clients, other managers, their team, headquarters and a series of other stakeholders.

Successful negotiation nevertheless requires self-knowledge, preparation, practice and a structured method  which permits the manager to arrive at a successful conclusion, whilst ideally maintaining a positive relationship with his/her counterpart.

No matter how great the ideas and sophisticated the analysis, great ability and competence in communicating and influencing others is necessary to obtain the best results.

Our approach

Covenant Partners supports its clients’ executives through three types of assistance in the following:

We prepare the executive and team to meet the challenge of negotiating better their business interests with the external market.  In this process, they acquire awareness and negotiating tools  regarding both process and use of appropriate methodologies to maximize results.

Covenant Partners supports the executive and team both in theoretical groundwork and practicing negotiation techniques, as well as in the later stage of actual negotiations where we act as an external advisor to the company negotiating team.

In the case of the executive and team negotiating within complex and structured multinationals relations with internal clients often represent the greatest challenge. The relations established are crucial because they not only impact the working environment and personnel engagement but also company results.

In-house negotiation requires a specific preparation for the executive and team, from the acquisition of self-knowledge to understanding culture and gender differences widely present within the company.

We assist the executive and team in bargaining with a plurality of stakeholders, coaching them in building coalitions and defining the best negotiation process necessary to achieve their objectives in a highly critical and complex environment of parties with multiple interests.

Strategic Initiatives

Our strategic initiatives: Human Capital Committee and Wiki-Hrd