Executive Search

We are convinced that people represent a company’s key competitive advantage as they provide the vital elements of distinctiveness and uniqueness.

We consult for our clients on today’s management issues and on future problems to ensure sustainable competitive success.

We focus on the entire cycle of human capital management, enabling our clients to identify, select, and develop the best talent in the market.

Our search is focused on profiles from CEO to Executives and Managers.

Our approach

In our view, it is vital to understand the culture and organisation of a company to understand the specific leadership needs and the essential elements of the positions sought.

It is important to establish the right trade-off between required competencies and cultural fit between the candidate and the company.

In this phase, we assist the client in defining the scope of the search, the opportunities in the market and the critical issues we face regarding the sector and the performance required by the role.

An essential feature of our approach is that the Partner who develops the brief with the client is personally engaged in the search from start to finish.

We carry out searches using a range of information sources which ensure an extensive and exhaustive study of the market and pool of potential candidates.

We use a combination of instruments ranging from existing relationships developed in many years of search, extensive market research and the use of the Covenant database.

Contact with candidates is a crucial part of the process and an area to which we give great attention.

We evaluate the candidate’s professional career through one-to-one interviews, analysing his or her performance and matching the competencies and personal attributes with those necessary for the role in question. In this phase, the partner presents to the candidates the job opportunity, describing the client, its culture and the position itself.

We bring specific industry and sector expertise to bear in evaluating the suitability of candidates for our clients.

Another crucial moment to which we pay great attention is that of transforming a candidate’s potential interest into an actual hiring on the part of the client.
To this end, we ensure a close involvement of our partners and senior consultants throughout the hiring process to assist both candidate and client in reaching agreement. If requested, we are happy to assist in the economic negotiations to guarantee a rapid and efficient hiring process.

We are committed to ensuring that the person hired through our consulting brings results to the client.

To this end, we follow his or her progress closely particularly during the first year in the company, giving feedback to both parties.
We undertake not to approach employees working for our clients for a specified period of time agreed by the client and Covenant. Finally, we pledge to treat all information obtained through the relationship between us and clients and candidates with the utmost confidentiality.

Strategic Initiatives

Our strategic initiatives: Human Capital Committee and Wiki-Hrd