Board Advisory

An efficient Board is fundamental in facing the transformations facing the world market today, as it fulfills the role of a credible guide in undertaking strategic change and decisions which cannot be delegated.

Our contribution

Changes in legislation and new Governance rules are driving Companies to review the composition of Boards, introducing a greater number of independent Board members and bringing new skills to the Board itself.

Moreover, Boards are encouraged to enhance the role and presence of female members, especially as independents, a practice already consolidated in the advanced Countries.

In this area, we work together with Companies to evaluate the composition of their Board and to search for new independent members, as well as identifying the critical skills required to ensure that a Board may function as a cohesive group and provide value to shareholders.We support the Board of our clients in defining company strategy and Governance.

We also assist family-owned companies in moments of critical change of leadership and generation change, where it is often necessary to take stock of the success already achieved whilst recognizing the need to introduce new skills to allow the company to remain competitive and successful in new phase of its development.

Strategic Initiatives

Our strategic initiatives: Human Capital Committee and Wiki-Hrd